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  • Society3 Enterprise Market

    Compete successfully with enterprises as a startup

    Once in a while I meet entrepreneurs with amazing ideas but they don’t know how they could compete with even the largest enterprises. I started my first company from scratch with $20,000 and needed to compete with 3 other businesses, each $200 Million to $1 …

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  • XeeMeHome Update

    MVP, Minimum Viable Product

    There is a concept called MVP – Minimum Viable Product. Even though the name kind of says it all, the concept “MINIMUM” – “VIABLE” – “PRODUCT” indicates that there are as few features as possible, it must kind of work and it is a product …

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  • Founder Wide

    A day of a startup ceo

    Hello world!

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  • Best founders are co-founders

    Solopreneurs have the hardest time to get funding – and it is not because of the risk that a company my be in jeopardy if it looses their founder. In the past 50 years no solopreneur made it all the way to the top. Our …

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  • Cat1

    Passion is for pussycats, obsession for founders

    Investors look for great founders teams. You heard that many times. But what does it actually mean. What constitutes a great founders team. Team means team. A team of founders is not a founder with a few people joining him or her somehow but multiple …

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  • Brain In Hands

    The initial value of an idea is zero

    You have a new business idea. You are so excited that it quickly becomes your best kept secret. You get almost paranoid about somebody stealing this great concept that apparently nobody else figured out yet. Now – one day you have to share the secret, …

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  • Society3 Colorsplash

    Most common mistakes of first time entrepreneurs

    This post was inspired by a question on Quora “What are the most common mistakes first time entrepreneurs make?”. If seen these mistakes over and over again: Trying to be the nice guy – instead selfishly execute your vision because nobody will if not you. Being …

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  • 10 different ways to get money for startups

    Try to MAKE money before you TAKE money I was recently asked what ways I’d know how to get money to start a company before you really raise money. Except donations, I successfully tried all of them myself. There is a huge value in getting …

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  • Hardwork

    Stop trying to work harder

    I was ask what to do to motivate yourself to work harder. I was wondering why on earth you want to work hard. But obviously that is what most people tell others on their quest to success. When I was 28, somebody told me a …

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